Mobile apps

We have developed the following mobile apps:

  • Appointment system for a US based Service station - People can make appoints for servicing their Cars. Various features include: Web & Mobile versions, fully native app on both android and i-phone, online check of appointment availability
    ability to pick and choose your favorite technician, ability to cancel, get an approximate expense amount, automated email/phone/sms reminders to the vehicle owner
  • Customized call blocker app for US doctors - Here, you can create your own blacklist and define your own action. Primarily helps in differentiating critical calls as against marketing calls for doctors
  • Mini mobile website - Ability to create mobile websites for multiple companies on the fly
  • e-magazine - e-magazine mobile site
  • Citizen's portal on mobile - Mobile portal for citizens. Various facilities includes posting of public issues, ability to take and upload photos of civic issues, secure login, commenting, interfacing with the main Drupal site via web services
  • Business Intelligence App - Mobile for the business intelligence application on both Android and i-phone

Core Skills

Microsoft Technologies (ASP .NET, C#, SQL Database, BI Solutions, ETL, etc)
PHP and CMS based Technologies
Mobile Technologies

Our Projects

Business Intelligence Solutions
Corporate e-learning Solution
Mobile Applications
Multiple Web Portals
e-commerce Portals
Money Transfer Solution

Contact us

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